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Thank you for that link Michael.  

Unfortunately the error(s) and count(s) are different from the
webservice and the validator.  Using as an example, I only
get 4 errors from the webservice and it
looks like it had to stop whereas the validator found 16 errors and 8
warnings.  I imagine that the validator is the more comprehensive test
and will continue parsing through that data since the webservice doesn't
seem to be functioning properly.


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John Albaugh <>, 2012-06-05 09:28 -0400:

> I am in the QA process of a web project and as I check the validation
> pages I noticed that there aren't any simple export options of the
> reports generated.  Being able to download a csv, xml, or excel file
> a validation report would be extremely helpful as I assemble reports
> manage QA for our projects.

If you use the W3C Nu Validator, you can use the REST API with the "out"
parameter to get errors reported in alternative formats; the ones that
intended for post-processing are:

There's some documentation here:

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