Re: Microdata not validating on W3 but OK in

Well, I filed a bug against the W3 validation service for *not* doing 
what it now does. Thus, it satisfies me to hear  that it now does what 
it does ... However, I hope that it - later on, will start to offer 
both HTML5+RDFa validation and HTML5+Microdata validation. Or something 
like that.

Leif H Silli

Doug Snyder, Sun, 15 Jan 2012 09:41:09 -0800:
> Hi Leif,
> It is interesting though that this just started happening. My markup 
> was validating on W3 as valid HTML5 prior to 1/14/12 and now it's 
> not. Also; since I'm a newbee to the mail list how do I find this in 
> the list and how can I reply?
> Doug
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> Doug Snyder, Sat, 14 Jan 2012 09:59:33 -0800:
>> I am going through the process of adding rich snippets using
>> microdata on my job posting pages at and today I
>> noticed that the W3 validator is showing errors for the itemtype and
>> itemprop atttributes even though the doctype is HTML5. This just
>> started happening today (1/14/12.) The page validates my
>> marked up pages as valid HTML5. Does anyone know what the discrepancy
>> is?
>> You can use the following page as an example:
> The W3C validator validates HTML5 according to the HTML5 spec under
>, whereas probably validates according to the spec
> under In the w3-spec, then Microdata is spec of its own -
> an extension to HTML5, whereas in the whatwg-spec, then Microdata is
> part of the main spec.
> Leif H Silli 

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