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Renato Vidal <>, 2012-01-04 22:06 -0400:

> hello, my problem is in html5, I'm using the javascript function in
> <a
> href="javascript:ajaxpage('','container')">
> everything works and is not valid for me 'that is inside the javascript
> function, there is no way to call this function with the variables that
> takes in, would greatly appreciate an explanation to this failure.
> Validating 
> Error [html5]: "" 

It's not clear what your "failure" is, but it's clear it's not a validator problem.

That <a href="javascript:ajaxpage('','container')">
markup instance is valid, and the HTML5 validator says your page is valid.
The validator doesn't check your actual JavaScript code, it just checks in
this case to make sure that the syntax the value of the href attribute is
valid. That's all.

If you getting an error message about some failure with your JavaScript,
that message is not coming from the validator.


Michael[tm] Smith

Received on Monday, 9 January 2012 06:17:44 UTC