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2012-02-13 13:29, Thomas Bryder Steffensen wrote:

> Don't realy get this error:
> /Line 124, Column 257/: non SGML character number 3
> |…t og individuelt grafisk design.<br />**Flash og CMS-udvikling har helt fra sta…|
> It seems that the word "Flash" embedded in a span-tag causes the error
> ... Does this simply mean that we can't write Flash???’

No, the error message is accurate, though perhaps a bit difficult to 
interpret. It says that the document contains the character U+0003, 
which is not permitted in HTML. That character is displayed between the 
asterisks in a sense, though being a control character, it does not have 
a glyph. Browsers may display it e.g. as a small box containing the 
digits 0003. Removing the character should fix the problem.


The page validates now, so I suppose you already fixed the problem.


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