Re: HTML errors and warnings in wordpress site

2012-12-27 0:09, stef oude vrielink wrote:

> My website: is checked on the
> validator. Now i have 5 errors and 2 warnings on my homepage.
> This is a wordpress website.
> Im looking on how i can solve this problems but how bad are they for my
> rankings in google??

Search engines normally look at text content of pages, so markup errors 
have little impact on them. There are exceptions to this, though.

The first error, an h1 element inside an h2 element, might affect search 
engines. It may look to them like an attempt at fooling them, as search 
engines are known or assumed to give headings more weight than normal 
text. Anyway, make the main heading just an <h1> element, and style it 
with CSS as desired. (It will be easier to style if you don't messy 
markup like h2 containing h1 containing strong containing em.)

The second error, Stray end tag h2, will vanish in a puff of logic when 
you fix the first one.

The third error is caused by

<script type="text/javascript" 
<p>// ]]&gt;</script></p>

where you should simply remove everything between the tags. When a 
<script> element has the src attribute, it should have no content. (The 
content will be ignored by browsers.)

The fourth error is caused by the attribute rel="attachment wp-att-41". 
I have no idea of what that attribute is supposed to "do", but it 
probably won't do anything anyway. Formally, "attachment" has been 
registered at

Then there's a similar issue with another rel attribute, and some issues 
with markup related to Google Plus and Facebook. The companies decided 
on markup that is incompatible with existing HTML specifications as well 
as HTML5.
but as that page says, understating, "Changes to this registry may not 
be reflected in validators in real time." And "wp-att-41" isn't 
registered at all (and probably never will). Apparently the validator 
mistakenly tries then to parse the attribute value as URL, without first 
splitting it into parts at spaces. It's really nothing serious, but it 
makes validators issue error messages and warnings.


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