A unique birthday GIFT for YOU

Announcing a Unique

Announcing a Unique

Birthday Gift


Our association recently celebrated the Association's 11thBirthday!


And for the birthday, our Executive Director, Mr. Danny Vidislavski, has prepared 
a special gift for all our supporters worldwide.


You may not know, but our Association is the world's largest of it's kind, 
and the biggest in Israel in the subjects we deal with.


Many people ask us and wonder, how could our wonderful team of people produce 
these results, and all the while they work voluntarily, with uptrending statistics 
every year consistently for a decade.





Many times people have contacted us, asking to discover the "secrets of our 
success" and the "behind the scenes" tips on how we manage our Association:


• They also want to know "How can we quickly get into a power condition on 
the third dynamic with the things we are doing in life? "


So, over the years, we have found our own successful actions of:


• How we manage an association composed of volunteers, and how, against any 
and all odds, and under any and all conditions and circumstances, still succeed 
helping more and more people all the time?


• Also, we have worked out how to constantly improve the quality of the products 
/ services that the association delivers – how to do it?


• And, how to produce all the time, in an ever increasing order of magnitude?


• We have also worked out, what's the secret to perfect teamwork so that we 
always operate as a "well-oiled machine"?


• And what are the exact applications of actions and management technology 
that make the difference?


So, on birthdays it’s a tradition to give gifts, right?


Right : -)


So Danny agreed, as a personal gesture for the Association's birthday to give 
a gift - his hat write up, as a founder of our successful activity and as the 
Executive Director of the Association.


Who is it for?


The gift is intended for anyone that is:

• A Director of a Field Activity
• A Director of a Social Betterment Activity
• Anyone who wants to start to run a field activity
• Anyone who wants to start running a social betterment activity


This gift is the first part of Danny's "Power Condition Formula" in helping 
lots and lots of people.


So in other words, it is designated for every person that currently helps many 
people or is about to start doing so.


To receive the gift, please e-mail us back with the following details:


First Name:  ______________

Last Name:  ______________

Hometown:  ______________

State: ___________________

Country: _________________

Mobile: __________________

Email: ___________________

Website: _________________


Are you currently running an activity? Yes / No


In which sector is your activity (existing or planned one)? ____________________________________________



Yours in friendship,


Danny Vidislavski, Executive Director

The Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East

Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2012 11:57:20 UTC