Re: [VE][127] the shown signs, which after the test are missed, are already there

23.9.2011 14:05, wrote:

> there are shown 12 failure for my website

Yes, the validator reports 12 errors.

> The signs, which are shown on in the test of my website in red and which I
> should make, they all are already there, at the described place.

I'm afraid I don't quite see what you mean here. Anyway, the errors seem 
to be rather easy to fix.

First, on line 31, there is the error that the tag <script 
language="javascript"> does not contain the required type=... attribute. 
There are other <script> tags that are OK, but this one is not. So add 
type="text/javascript" there. Alternatively, remove the entire element
<script language="javascript">
(An empty <script> element has no effect. Theoretically, JavaScript code 
might use it but that's highly improbable.)

There's a similar error on line 192, but there the element is non-empty, 
so you should just add type="text/javascript" there. And similarly on 
line 1666.

On line 199, there is an <img> tag with two errors: missing alt 
attribute and missing "/" before ">" (required by XHTML syntax that the 
page uses. So add the attribute alt="" there and " /" before ">". 
Similarly on line 1673.

On line 1719 two <img> elements and on line 1724 one <img> element are 
missing an alt attribute. As these are real images, you need to check 
out what the images are supposed to say and express that in text. The 
second image contains text, so the obvious solution is to use that text:

<img src=
alt="Links checked by F-secure.">

The first image contains text, too, so the solution is similar, but I'm 
not sure I can read all the text there. If the advertizer does not mind, 
you could even put alt="" (empty string), but in principle, the alt 
attribute should contain the entire text in the image.

Finally, on line 1801, an image lacks the alt attribute, and here alt="" 
will be OK, as it is a "tracker" image that is not supposed to be really 
shown. The <img> element has the attribute heigth="0", and the validator 
reports it as an error as there is no such attribute name in HTML, it 
needs to be height not heigth (i.e., "t" and "h" swapped).


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