Re: 'px' or'%' given with values for width&heigth attributes gives validation error (html5)

On 3 Sep 2011, at 05:45, Antonio Zamora wrote:
> Based on the description that you have quoted, the validator is right.
> However, the lack of a percentage specification would be a great
> handicap for authors.

Not really. We do have CSS. You could try taking it up with the HTML working group though, they are responsible for the contents of the specification.

> By the way, the site lists percentage values under size
> and width for iframes, and I am glad that the major browsers support
> them.

I'll add it to my list of reasons why W3Schools is dreadful.

> As a side note, I would like to note that I have been forced to code
> frameborder="0" on  iframes even though frameborder is obsolete
> because IE does not recognize style="border:0;" in the iframe and the
> "seamless" attribute is not implemented in any browser yet.

Umm, so lobby the browser vendors to implement it?

David Dorward

Received on Saturday, 3 September 2011 06:36:55 UTC