Re: [VE][html5] conflicting errors for <area> without a href

26.10.2011 7:04, kunda wrote:

> Checking a HTML5 document with an <area> tag without a href attribute
> gives this error:
> "Element area is missing required attribute href"

This is odd, because it's an HTML5-style message (the format is 
different when validating as HTML 4.01).

> I'm pretty sure the HTML5 validator accepted <area> tags without the
> href attribute a couple days ago, did an update to it regress this?

Currently, the following document validates:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<map name=foo>

But perhaps you have a different <area> element that somehow makes the 
validator think that href is required. Can you please post a URL (or an 
exact, copy & paste copy of a document) for a document that fails 
validation with the error message you quoted?


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