Re: [VE][131] Add Subject Here

17.10.2011 19:17, Stephen Jay wrote:

> When I got the message, it came up as “must be one of %3” and not of Z. FYI.
> Error [131]: "value of attribute Y cannot be X; must be one of Z"

The latter text is from the description of the feedback, and the letters 
Y, X, and Z are generic symbols there. In actual error messages, some 
specific values appear instead of them, e.g.

value of attribute "DIR" cannot be "FOO"; must be one of "LTR", "RTL"

If you see "%3" in place of Z, then this might be a symptom of a problem 
in the validator (like undefined internal variable). But to locate the 
information about the specific situation is needed.

> NOTE: Whenever possible, give the address of the document you were
> checking.

Please note the NOTE. The mind-reading capabilities of most people on 
the list are rather limited, sad to say.

The address (URL) is the preferred way, and often really necessary for 
the analysis. But if there's a reason why you cannot specify the URL, 
then please at specify which particular construct the error message was 
related to - the element, with its attributes.


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