Re: HTML Validation Constant Errors

3.10.2011 22:43, Liza Booker wrote:

> I’m in an HTML and I don’t understand why I ‘m getting the error
> messages that I got. I believe I have written the HTML correctly. Can
> you help me?
> <—This is my
> homework link

The document mixes HTML serialization and XHTML serialization:

<meta name="description" content=" LIS 390 Class Progress" />
<meta name="author"   content="Liza Booker">

This is just inconsistent, not a reportable error by HTML5 rules. But 
you should fix this either by removing the “/” character or using “ /” 
in the second meta tag too.

The <head> start tag must precede any element that belongs to the head 
part; in this case, it should be moved before the first <meta> tag.

You cannot use a <div> element directly inside an <ol> element, as a 
“child” of <ol> – it can only have <li> elements as children. It is 
difficult to see why you are using the <div> element in the first place. 
The best approach is to assign a class attribute to those elements that 
you wish to appear in a particular color and set the color for the class 
in a stylesheet.

You cannot use a <pre> element inside a paragraph, as <pre> is 
block-level element. Use <code> instead (in this case).


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