Re: extra stuff in source

	Thanks. I've had a look and I get the idea.

	I still have one concern about the combined.js file. Arguably the 
combined.js is not a source file but is presumably generated and packed 
from the other .js files. I have taken over the Debian packaging of the 
markup validator and to be in strict compliance with Debian policy, we 
should be generating combined.js in case someone wants to change one of 
the source .js files. If you could clarify how you build combined.js I 
could put that into the Debian packaging.

On 15/03/11 21:45, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On 03/15/2011 11:12 PM, Nicholas Bamber wrote:
>> 	What about my issue with "combined"?
> That's intentional as well.  The mechanism is explained in the doc I
> linked to in my previous mail.  Note that it's not only the "combined"
> JavaScript file; all CSS files are linked to in the same way, i.e.
> without any filename extension (grep for @import in the source tree).

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