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Denver Ogaro wrote:

> The link above shows an example where the cellpadding attribute of
> the table element is set as a child of the table element rather than
> of the style attribute.

As usual, w3schools is unreliable and confusing, but the cellpadding 
attribute in a table element is correct according to published HTML DTDs. 
The expression "is set as a child of the table element" in your text was 
probably meant to say "is set". Attributes cannot be children of elements.

> Given the fact that the last revision of the
> page is rather recent, it is surprising and confusing that the
> validator flags copying such design as obsolete.

It is surely obsolete to copy w3schools stuff, but this is not a validator 

> Validating
> Error [html5]: ""

"Validating" according to HTML5 is an experimental feature and often rather 
messy. But the validator does _not_ say anything about cellpadding on the 
which gets "temporarily" redirected to
because it does not contain such an attribute.

Anyway, the current HTML5 drafts, which should be cited only as work in 
progress, declare the cellpadding attribute as obsolete, because it is 
purely presentational and should be replaced by CSS. Whatever you think of 
this, the validator just expresses this, so any disagreement on this should 
be raised in HTML5 discussion fora.


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