Re: The validator change the declared encoding

Jean CHEVALLIER wrote:

> I think this line is correct :
>    <meta charset="ISO-8859-1" />

It is correct according to current HTML5 drafts.

> (I look at W3 school..)

Don't. It's unreliable and surely non-authoritative.

> Why did I get this message :
>    Using windows-1252 instead of the declared encoding iso-8859-1.

It's an informative message.

When a document declared as iso-8859-1 contains octets (bytes) in the range 
80..1F, browsers won't reject the document or ignore the octets but 
generally interpret them according to an encoding where the octets, or at 
least some of them, represent graphic characters. This is normally 
windows-1252 in the Western world, but it might be something else somewhere 
else. So explicitly declaring the encoding as windows-1252 ensures 
consistent processing (in case the document contains those octets, and 
documents often contain them even if they are believed to be iso-8859-1).


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