Re: Unicorn can't see (X)HTML?

Mea culpa, Gordon : I did what I so often criticise in
others -- read most of your words, but ignored the key
one ("Unicorn").  Probably because I am unfamiliar with
the Unicorn validator, I simply assumed that it was the
normal W3C one, not even thinking that there might be
another.  Sincere apologies.

** Phil.
Gordon Edwards wrote:
> Hi Philip -
> I must apologise -- I didn't explain properly.
> The standard validator ( worked properly IMHO.
> However, the Unicorn has in the past picked up every error found by the
> "standard" plus others (eg: RSS).  This time it failed utterly to check the
> XHTML.  All previous times it always checked every aspect of the document.
> I used to use it as a "one-stop shop" for this reason.
> I also am troubled that Unicorn was able to validate a RSS feed it found in
> a<link rel>  while totally ignoring the rest of the document -- but that
> may simply be due to my lack of familiarity with current web page technology.
> So I guess the question is, has Unicorn failed, or has it been altered?
> Gordon.
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