RE: reference to undeclared general entity nbsp



In your question you mentioned that you were using HTML5. Based on this
error, I'm assuming that you're doing this with an XML based encoding. (If
this is not the case, please send us a link to the actual page in question
or the full markup snippet.)


Named character entities are a bit different between HTML and XML.


You can see here that non-breaking spaces aren't defined in XML (and thus


Never the less, you can always use its numeric representation ( ) in
XML if you want.


Finally, in many cases you're better off using white-space: nowrap; in CSS
to achieve the same visual style without having to add extra markup.




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Subject: reference to undeclared general entity nbsp


When checking a HTML5 page via direct input, I got this error :
"reference to undeclared general entity nbsp"
I don't understand, is   not a valid way to insert non-breaking spaces

Pierre Rudloff

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