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>> In my small experience it's relatively easy to subdivide a big
>> CSS file into a set of files with hierarchic inclusions and use
>> only the needed classes. The list of can help in doing so.
> But would one want to do this ?  When a single CSS file is
> referenced by multiple pages in a series, it is downloaded
> once (for the first page) and cached thereafter (for all
> subsequent pages|.  Dividing it into disjoint pieces would
> inhibit such beneficial caching, would it not ?

MobileOK Checker recommends to limit the total size of all web page...

In a simple case the set of used linked CSS files was divided into
5 files, but only 3 were included in 10 pages, others are used
indirectly, via those 3. My mobile phone does not cache anything.
My computer caches all three used CSS file, size is just a bit bigger.
Not taking into account the size of (pseudo)classes identified as
totally unneeded traces from old times.

I am not certain yet how to take it.

> ** Phil.
Vladimir Chukharev
Tampere University of Technology

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