Re: Fwd: Re: Check existence of class names

But do you not see the difference in the two syntaces,
Siegfried ?  You have


I have


Does the former not look odd to you ?

Philip Taylor

Siegfried Gipp wrote:

 >>> what is strange about that?
 >> The syntax.  Maybe :
 >>       <span class="dc:subject">Discussion about non-existent classes</span>
 >> Philip Taylor
 > Well, the only "strange" part of the syntax here is the usage of a
 > namespace in a class name. But that's not that strange. Just have a look
 > at the w3c ARIA docs and f.ex. (the
 > role attribute module). So using a namespace prefix in a class name is
 > possible. But it is only useful in xml (xhtml) documents, since
 > namespaces are not usable in html.
 > That's all.

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