Re: Check existence of class names

OK, I think if we agree that a web page is in
fact the sum of its parts (HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
<whatever>), then it is perfectly reasonable to
hope for (or even write) a tool that checks
the entire ensemble for consistency.  That said,
I don't know of any such tool as of now, nor
would I have a great deal of hope that the developers
of the HTML & CSS validators might merge their
efforts in the near future.  Even harder would
to allow scripting into the equation, since if
scripting were considered relevant one would not
even have a set of static documents to compare
(and therefore the results of the comparisons
could vary with the phase of the moon, or with
any other non-controllable variable).  But at
least we now both agree on what it is you are
seeking : I am just (perhaps) less hopeful than
you that such a tool will shortly be available.

** Phil.
-------- wrote:

 > Philip Taylor wrote :

 >> But when you talk of a "definition", are you not leaving the
 >> world of HTML and entering the world of CSS ?

 > Yes, I am. That's the reason I was talking about the thing being
 > in between Markup and CSS Validators. Probably, something else
 > like MobileOK Checker is even better tool to include these new
 > features, I do not know. It was just a guess that Markup Validator
 > is the best candidate...
 > I see an additional task (or few of them) for developers.
 > A possible way is to extend CSS Validator so that it can show
 > all names defined for classes, pseudo-classes etc in case of
 > "Valid CSS" result, extend Markup Validator to show a list of
 > used names (classes, ids etc), and create a new service in Unicorn
 > which compares those lists and makes relevant conclusions.
 > Regret I cannot volunteer for any of these tasks...

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