RE: Php echo li-tag not seen by validator - SOLVED

It was nothing to do with the <li> tags. I've discovered that the W3C
validator is affected by Php server side code which I find surprising.
Although the html source validates, when I gave the validator a url to
the php page it failed saying that some <ul> tags were not closed.
However I traced the cause of the error to a php variable in some sql
code, when I replaced the php variable with a fixed value in the sql
code the validator passed the page as valid xhtml.
This is not really a solution, only a workaround that in this situation
I can get by with.
David: I don't see any view source link, only the Validation Output
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To clarify: The page that is failing is just a regular php page which
includes some <li> tags which are printed to the page using php code,
and for some reason the validator is not seeing them (although they are
working correctly on the web page and shown correctly in the page
Because the validator thinks there are no <li> tags within the <ul> tags
it gives an error. 

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