MathML DTD warning is incorrect

The problem is that the validator accepts the MathML 2.0
working draft version of the DTD:

but issues a warning for the the official latest MathML 2.0
recommended DTD (see section A.2.3 of the recommendation) :

This is backwards.  There is only one DTD that is correct
for a document that claims to be MathML 2.0. 

This has been reported and is "Bug 6573 - Fix URI of recommended MathML2 System Identifier: 
located at:

Any document trying to validate as MathML 2.0 that is still
using the working draft DTD should be given a warning and
told what the correct final version DTD is.

This also means that "Bug 6574 - Allow multiple System
Identifiers as acceptable for a given PI"
located at:
should be marked as invalid. 

Documents that validate to a Working draft copy of a standard
should be issued warnings for all deviations form the latest
final recommended version of a standard.

Sorry if this gets posted more than once, the mailing list seems to "lose" mail sent to.  I sent the same message 3 days ago, but it does not show.


Received on Wednesday, 6 May 2009 14:08:47 UTC