Re: code too often not accepted

Joop Nijenhuis wrote:

> Trying hard to get html-pages correct coded, but I have a hard time.
> Your program keeps on bashing and at the moment I think its all to do
> with interpreting and translation errors. Its nice to say its wrong, but
> in its present state you get nowhere. It might be a big help if you can
> go from the errpr through the rules on which you based YOUR program.
> Saying that its not allowed and that something is missing or wrong while
> other often nationalised "papers" do say its allowed keeps us going
> nowhere.

>       ?load()" BGCOLOR="#EFEBAD" scrolling="no">

> May be you can explaine what to do here? I'm out of options. On the
> Dutch help pages you have to use scroll in the body argument, like <BODY
> SCROLL="waarde">. with this I started, but wasn't accepted. shows that the
scrolling attribute applies only to <frame> and <iframe> elements. I'm
unclear what you are actually trying to achieve, but it sounds like you
are working from incorrect documentation. The attribute should not
appear on the body element.

The use, or otherwise, of scrollbars, is generally handled with the CSS
overflow property.

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Received on Sunday, 3 May 2009 08:40:24 UTC