Re: Need help with cryptic validator error message

Michele Cleary wrote:

>         Line 3, Column 5:
>         XML Parsing Error:  XML declaration allowed only at the start
> of the document.

The error message is relatively to clear to me, even though the rule it 
refers to might be counter-intuitive. The XML declaration, i.e. <?xml etc. 
must (if present) be the very first thing in the document. Not even an empty 
line, a comment, or even an innocent space is allowed before it; this is 
formally expressed in the production rule at
Note the absence of anything before "XMLDecl" in the production for 
"prolog". Otherwise the productions contain "S?" where whitespace (such as 
empty lines) are allowed.

> ***This is my getUserTable2.php:

That's external to validation. Validation only deals with the document that 
your server sends in respose to a request.


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