WIDTH measurement units for wide-screen monitors


I have troubles formatting my XHTML web pages suitable for the new
wide-screen (entertainment) monitors.


The <width> statement does not take em measurements in <body>, <table>, and
<all listings>, if not others.


Imagine reading a newspaper that has only one column with every paragraph
splashed over the entire page width.

That would look terrible, would you agree?  That is what happens with these
new wide-screen 16:9 monitors .


When switching from 1024x768 resolution to 1280x1024 resolution the fonts
look better, but are much smaller - still hard to read.

To rectify, one switches from 96 DPI to 120 DPI.  Now everything looks
normal again, but with the better resolution.


This solves one problem but creates another. Now all the formatting is
haywire!  It does not matter if one programs first in the lower resolution
and then displays in the higher one, or the other way around.  Web page
creators have no control over what kind of monitor and resolution a viewer


The way to get around this dilemma is to give all measurements in em units
because that automatically adjusts for the DPI.

The problem is that only <p> accepts the em units.  Nothing is constraint by
body sizing since <body> does not recognize em units.  Neither do <table>
and all forms of listings, such as <ul>, <ol>, and <li>.


If I have overlooked something, please let me know.


Otherwise, I would appreciate if someone looked into this phenomenon to
rectify this intolerable situation, soonest.


Thank you,

Rolf Seebach






Received on Friday, 6 March 2009 19:24:48 UTC