DNS Issues

Hi, I'm validating "http://k1t.net/" via the following address:


Sometimes it will get proper results, but sometimes I get mixed results.

For example, right now I'm getting the following:

I got the following unexpected response when trying to retrieve <
> http://k1t.net/>:
> 500 Can't connect to k1t.net:80 (connect: Connection refused)
>  If you made recent changes to your domain name (DNS) configuration, you
> may also want to check that your domain records are correct<http://www.squish.net/dnscheck/>,
> or ask your hosting company to do so.

This seems to only happen soon after DNS updates, so it's possible W3C is
w3.org is using an older cached address.

Other times, I will get really strange timeouts where I wait for about an
entire minute+ and then get directed to a blank page.

As far as that quoted error message above.. I'd just like to note that it
would probably help to include the exact IP that w3.org is resolving the
domain to at that specific moment.


Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2008 08:16:11 UTC