Re: [VE][47] HTML 4.01 Documents can not be validated

Michael Adams wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Oct 2008 11:34:15 +0200
> Came this utterance fomulated by Karl Riedling to my mailbox:
>> Error [47]: "end of document in prolog"
>> HTML 4.01 documents that have been validated as correct can not be 
>> validated any more due to the above error. 
>> I am in charge of a website ( 
>> whose pages I regularly validate using the validation feature of 
>> Opera.
> I found the above example page validated OK. 
> Is there an issue with Opera's feature?

	I too found no validation problems with your web page.

	My observation is that Opera uses the "file upload"
	validation technique.  As Oliver has indicated on this
	list recently, there may be a difficult-to-replicate
	anomaly in the "file upload" process.


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