[VE][47] HTML 4.01 Documents can not be validated

Error [47]: "end of document in prolog"

HTML 4.01 documents that have been validated as correct can not be 
validated any more due to the above error. 

I am in charge of a website (http://publik.tuwien.ac.at/start.php) 
whose pages I regularly validate using the validation feature of 
Opera. Until very recently, the pages were found to be correct HTML 
4.01; currently, the validator stops with the above error message. 
Since I am neither aware that HTML 4.01 has recently undergone 
changes in its specifications that might have turned previously valid 
pages into invalid ones, I suspect that there is a bug in the 
validator (which apparently expects items now that previously were 
not in the HTML 4.01 standard).

Thank you for any clarification!

Karl Riedling

  Dr. Karl Riedling
  Associate Professor
  Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems
  Vienna University of Technology
  Gusshausstrasse 27/366-IT  
  A-1040 Vienna, Austria, Europe
  WWW:   http://www.isas.tuwien.ac.at/riedling/
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Received on Thursday, 9 October 2008 11:12:55 UTC