Re: Fallback to UTF-8

Nikita The Spider The Spider wrote:

> Is there an RFC about how RFCs interrelate?

You'd find various stuff about the "maturity" of RFCs
on standards track (RFC 2616 is a draft standard, one
step before full standard, e.g., RFC 3986 = STD 66),
but I fear that won't help you here.

Clearly RFC 2854 references and quotes RFC 2616, and
therefore you can't argue that 2854 "overrules" 2616
in the style of RFC 3023.

Another clear case is where you mentioned RFC 2376,
2376 was obsoleted by 3023, the IANA registry in fact
points to 3023 for text/xml etc., the RFCs are at the
same level (informational), therefore RFC 3023 "wins"
over RFC 2376 for all topics covered by RFC 3023.

Last but not least you are free to ignore how you got
text/html documents and treat them like files found
on your harddisk without any external meta data.

An utter dubious strategy if the HTTP meta data is
the only info you ever get.  But not too shabby if
the meta data conflicts with what the document says.


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