IPv6 and Validator


I am currently experimenting with IPv6 and noticed that the www  
validator doesn't handle IPv6 addresses, for a number of reasons  
including not being connected to an IPv6 network, not having an IPv6  
address and libwww not supporting IPv6. For this reason I decided I  
would see what I could do and I have made a modifications to the  
libwww library to support IPv6 and deployed a version of the  
validation tool on my web site. The changes to libwww are mentioned in  
this thread:


and for anyone interested in giving it a go:


Even if you don't have IPv6 connectivity yourself you can use it to  
validate sites that are exclusively IPv6 accesible, such as:


since the server itself is IPv6 connected.

There are currently one or two issues that still have to be worked  
out, such as filtering out IPv6 local host addresses. Unfortunately I  
am more of a beginner in Perl, so there is only so much I can do at  
this point.

FYI There is an open bug on the issue in the w3c bugzilla:



Received on Saturday, 29 March 2008 17:36:53 UTC