Re: 29 errors remaining, and at a bit of a holding pattern

Scott Haneda wrote:
> Those are custom attribute types for Safari, which allow a search box to 
> do a little more than a usual one, it looks nicer IMO, and can remember 
> past search terms.
> Since the site is all Mac, it seems relevant.  Is there some way I can 
> shove some markup in there to get the validator to ignore that, or does 
> that dissolve the ideals of validating in general?
The validator validates... against a defined DTD.

The DTD covers (x)html, and the safari-specific elements are, obviously, 
not part of the DTD.

DTDs do not, as far as I'm aware, allow you to mix'n'match: you can't 
use an element defined in one DTD and another element defined somewhere 
else - for that, you need to switch to XML-Schema

So, in short: you can't create an (x)html file with mac-specific 
extensions in it, and get it to pass the validator test.

.... someone can probably tell you if you can define your own DTD (ie, 
copy the W3C one & add your own extensions to it), but then you are not 
really matching against the W3C spec, so that kinda defeats the purpose 
of an (x)html validator :chuckle:


Ian Stuart.
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.

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