Re: Whats wrong with W3C Validator?

Good evening,

I got the same error message like described in the mail of Jozef
Rusn?<>  from Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 10:14:24 +0100

The reason for this is obviously a change in W3C Validator about PHP

I checked usually my files via file-upload, so the php-code is still
in the file.

The first lines of all my XHTML-files are:

include (//XXXXXXXXX);
?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">

In the past W3C-Validator ignored the <?php ... ?> and checked only the rest. From Today all my files are marked in error with the same error message:

,----- [  ]
|     This page is *not* Valid (no Doctype found)!
| Validation Output: 1 Error Error /Line 1, Column 0/: end of document in 
| prolog.

If the files are checked via an URI, all is fine!



Received on Thursday, 20 March 2008 04:20:35 UTC