Re: XHTML Family Documents and Media Types

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Mark Birbeck wrote:

> >  >> That's what most of the world is doing, after all.
> >  >
> >
> > > Most of the world is throwing tag soup about with graphical HTML
> >  > generators and string substitution. XML tools aren't involved all
> >  > that often.
> I don't think so...not any more. Even blogging software is checking
> your posts for well-formedness nowadays. Add to that, that most pages
> are generated using server-side tools, and you'll find that most
> web-pages would be acceptible XHTML if it wasn't for this MIME type
> issue.

I don't agree with that sorry:

 o CMS's like Joomla still haven't progressed beyond XHTML 1.0
transitional. (Font tags and Tables abound)
 o Google and Yahoo ads don't validate.
 o Yahoo sites have non validating code in them. No fault of the author.
 o Google don't care about valid code.
What i'm saying is, if you build your sites from a mix of sources Tag
soup is still the norm.


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