Re: HTML 5 validator?

Hi Jens, all

On 29-Jul-08, at 2:24 PM, Jens Meiert wrote:
> are there any plans to add experimental support for HTML 5 in the near
> future, maybe even building on Henri's validator [1], if applicable?

I think it is unlikely to have direct html5 support in the markup  
validator any time soon, but it would be good to run an instance of  
henri's tool and encourage people playing with html5 to use it.

The obstacle so far to hosting an instance has been the work needed to  
run that validator as a servlet under jigsaw (or jetty). Possibly  
small work, but I (nor anyone in the team) haven't had any time to  
look into it.

One idea would be to use a tool like unicorn to dispatch documents to  
different validators, including the existing DTD-based markup  
validator, relaxed (with nvdl support for XML compound docs), based on media type and other criteria.

Something like this (rough, incomplete, probably wrong) flow:

We have a couple of interns doing some interesting work on unicorn to  
allow a flow like this.


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