Re: HTML 5 validator?

Jens Meiert wrote:
> any plans to add experimental support for HTML 5 in the near
> future

Guessing, wrt "near future" that's kind of unlikely, isn't it ?  

* The validator at the moment supports SGML and XML parsing,
  "HTML5" has its own (different) parsing ideas.
* The validator uses the DOCTYPE to decide what to do, "HTML5"
  has only some rudimentary dummy Doctype.
* The validator is at the moment driven by DTDa, but there's no
  DTD for "HTML5", and without Doctype a DTD would anyway miss
  the point.

In other words "HTML5" is incompatible with everything that is
essential for the validator (as is).  You could create a front-
end for Henri's validator and the functions you miss (validate
by upload, and validate snippets).  

"HTML5" is a moving target, it could be confusing for ordinary
users (= the audience here) if their pages are valid today and
invalid tomorrow or v.v. depending on "HTML5" design decisions.


Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2008 21:37:35 UTC