Re: referer


the file under test is on my hard drive c:\

I suppose I could detect that in HTML by using

Apparently what I see is in fact the rule:
"the HTTP Referrer[spellchecker] header will not be sent when the 
referer[sic] is a non-HTTP (or non-HTTPS) page."


Nick Kew wrote:
> On 24 Jul 2008, at 15:19, Rick Merrill wrote:
>> I include the validator Icon on my pages that pass validation
>> and the link works fine when posted on my web site, but it
>> does not work if I open the web page from a file on my own computer,
>> saying
>>> No Referer header found!
> So you (or your sysop, network administrator, or something) have
> disabled the referer header.
>> Has anyone built HTML code that detects no-referer and
>> instead uses the download page or
>>> Validate by File Upload
> HTML code doesn't do anything.  It can't "detect no-referer"
> any more than, say, ASCII code can.  Sure, the no-referer
> page can give you other options - doesn't it already?
> But there's no possible way to validate the referring page
> if your privacy settings withhold that information.

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