<pre><img src="test.gif" alt="test" /></pre>

You get an error when you do it like this:<pre><img src="test.gif" alt="test" /></pre>
And still it shows perfectly in both IE and FF.
Thing is like you have certain margins for the "pre"
like everything within <pre>and</pre> have "left-margin: 10px"
I want to have it like this validated:
<pre>example text number one
<img src="test.gif" alt="test" />example text number two</pre>
It's pretty annoying to solve it like this:
<pre>example text number one</pre>
<img class="margin_left_10px" src="test.gif" alt="test" /><pre>example text number two</pre>
I hope you see my point here...
you want me to send an example?
Well I got it like here, if it's still there:http://medda86.com/about.php
Anyways, please consider this suggestion since one of your
goals are to make coding easier, and this is common sense imo.
However, please keep up the good work *hugs and kisses* :D
Best Regards Medda
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Received on Wednesday, 9 July 2008 01:48:21 UTC