Re: checklink: problems with separators in quiet text output

Hello Michael,

On 3-Jul-08, at 2:50 AM, Michael Ernst wrote:
> All of my patches and observations are against the CVS version,


>> when there is no error, I suppose the quiet
>> switch should filter out all output, shouldn't it? So maybe the  
>> output
>> of the URI checked should happend IFF there is an error to report?
> Yes.  This is what my patch does.
>> Unfortunately it looks like MUAs garbled the patch ...
>> Could you re-send as attachment rather than inline?
> I've attached all three patches.

Wonderful, thanks!

I just applied all three patches to CVS, after giving them a look -  
they look OK to me. Ville, if you have time, would you have a chance  
to review them too?

Thank you.

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