Feed Validation Service: Dublin Core Terms extent does not accept units



I've been using the Feed Validation Service and first of all I want to
say thanks for such a useful tool.


I have a question about the validation of Dublin Core Terms extent tag.
Dublin Core guidance at
http://dublincore.org/documents/usageguide/qualifiers.shtml#extent says
that "it generally consists of both a numeric value and a caption that
is needed to interpret the numeric value". One of the valid examples
given is "21 minutes". However, if I use this example in my rss feed,
validation fails with the message 

"dcterms:extent must be a positive integer: 21 minutes".


Do you think this a bug, and if not, do you know why dcterms:extent is
being validated as "positive integer" rather than "positive integer +
space + units"?





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