Old bug (2007-04) partially debugged

Hi, about nine months ago I reported an obscure problem
with the validation of "xml2rfc" XML sources here, now
I think that one point is clear, error messages can be
very misleading.

Just because validator.w3 or FF2 *say* that an entity
is "undefined" doesn't necessarily mean that it is
really undefined, maybe they just didn't get the DTD
defining it.  Copied from the xml2rfc list:

&rfc.number; is undefined because it happens to be 
the first used entity in this tested source.

But rfc.number is defined, validator and FF2 only 
never got the DTD running in some "access denied"
issue - maybe caused by using 24 or 18 "bibxml"
references from xml.resource.org in the DTD subset,
in addition to the DTD (+ two ENT) itself.

With IE6 the reported error is somewhat clearer, it
says that there is a problem with the last (24th or
18th) "bibxml" entity, and gives up.

That's the same problem reported here and on the
validator list nine months ago:

The validome XML validator gets it right, clearly
showing that it was able to get all required files.

Test links:


Received on Thursday, 31 January 2008 10:03:36 UTC