Re: Invalid link when searching "validator" on google

Georges Dupéron wrote:

> Below the first result, there are severall links :
> with vwo
> Css
> Tools
> ....

Okay, we both see it, it is not a "subscribed link"
I have forgotten.  What I get (in one line) is:

What is this usg=AFQjCNG8BSc7420LY5eZmaNyAt1hgju6Zg
stuff ?  Apart from the other parameters, cd=1 is
apparently "1st offered link" for a total of eight
links.  The usg= stuff does not change when I log
out from a Google account.  Using a HHTP/1.0 client
not knowing what a cookie is, same usg=.


Received on Tuesday, 26 February 2008 06:41:48 UTC