Validating SVG+RDF (Was: SVG: changes to validator)

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> is it correct that the method used in these two sites is an ugly hack?

As far as I can tell, you're using the SVG <metadata> element to  
include metadata in SVG. That does not look like an ugly hack.

> members of the SVG WG strongly advise against including a DTD, how  
> does one validate without one?
> what's your view? is there a DTD for SVG + RDF?

DTDs are a decent way to define a markup language, but they are  
limited. In this case the limitation is obvious, as soon as you embed  
RDF into SVG, the SVG document no longer validates against the SVG DTD.

The issue is not one about SVG, or RDF. Not even about DTDs. The issue  
is that validation of compound documents is a complicated matter. DTDs  
are limited and can't be used to validate compound XML documents, but  
one can't use relax ng schemas nor XML schemas for it either - not as  

This is why there is a lot of work being put in defining clear  
frameworks for compound documents [1] and technologies such as NVDL  
[2] for validation of such documents. The Web is getting there, and  
your experimenting with such formats is helping this process.



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