Re: ([VE][404] and [VE][xmlwf]) && operator assumed as bad ampersand

On 8 Feb 2008, at 16:04, Carlos Manuel da Silva Andre Viana wrote:
> Error [404]: "character X is the first character of a delimiter but  
> occurred as data"
> In the following tag, both && operators in the onclick event are  
> being treated as bad ampersands, generating both errors in the  
> subject:
> <input type="submit" name="confirm" value="Entrar" onclick="return  
> this.form.entered_user.value!='' &&  
> this.form.entered_password.value!=''" />

Yes, that is correct. The fix linked to from the description of the  
error should be applied to your document.

David Dorward

Received on Friday, 8 February 2008 17:03:52 UTC