Re: No source code to validate?

Micke Ströberg wrote:

> When checking my website with your validator I get the impression
> that there is no source code to validate...

The W3C Validator indeed finds no source code and no other content 

> The website is and the main page is

The server has been misconfigured or the PHP code has 
been written wrongly.

Use e.g. to check what the server 
actually sends. The response body is 5 octets: the digit "0" followed by 
two CR LF pairs.

This may depend on the Accept-Language header. If I send a request with 
such a header, I get a normal-looking response (though with many markup 
errors). The reason why haven't noticed the problem using a browser is 
that browsers _usually_ send an Accept-Language header (usually with 
disinformation content, but I digress). You would see the problem on a 
browser, too, if you removed all the languages from the so-called 
language settings in the browser.

So probably the PHP code or the server tries some content negotiation 
on language and fails when the user agent sends no Accept-Language 
header (which is quite acceptable and in fact the only sensible setting 
in many contexts).

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca") 

Received on Sunday, 3 February 2008 19:21:19 UTC