Problems with ? in URL and IE6 conditional statements

I tried validating one of my web pages and found some errors which (as far
as I'm aware) are impossible to resolve.

The validation link is:

To summarise the problems:

*	Use of conditional statements for feeding the browser IE6 specific

<!--[if! IE 6]>

*	The use of question marks in the URL (which are used to pass a
querystring to another page).

<a href="myaddress.asp?id=1">my link</a>

My client works for the South-East Council and they have to have the W3C
validation icons displayed on the site as they are a council organisation.
But no matter how much I explain to them that the above two problems will
not affect users in any way they refuse to listen to reason. I don't know if
the W3C offers the helpful service of lets say emailing me with words of the
effect of "our validator is no substitute for real world user testing"?
Because other than getting a confirmation from the W3C that the validator is
just an automated service that can't be satisfactorily relied on they are
just going to keep hassling me about this.
But obviously a solution to the above two issues would be preferable :)

Any help appreciated
Many thanks.
Kind regards,

Received on Saturday, 2 February 2008 05:00:58 UTC