Re: OK Every One want to know how to fix your errors here it is ... again !

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Greg Sabin wrote:

> OK, hello again every one,
>                        their is no point in getting mad since I am
>                        only going to point out facts. This is actually
>                        vary simple,  The Only way to fix all of the
>                        errors, is to :
>   1 ] host your own programming on some one Elise's server, hosting
>   means you have to up load your programming to their server. 2] go
>   out and buy a server, drag it home and find a cold room to set up in
>   as the new heating system, then build your web site. the bottom line
>   here is if you do not have control over the web site, all the way to
>   the base or root level programming is a administrator, you will
>   never be able to route out all of the programmers errors who work
>   for the hosting company in question. trust me i know, 
>   nothing I have passes w3, and that's why I joined as member as to
>   find out why. I only have about 10 assorted web sites hosted by
>   about 5 major American carriers. The End.

Que? When you pay for real hosting *all* of the code is your own. Free
hosts tend to advertise on your page or wrap your page in their code.
CMS's are another story and of necessity require compromises to others


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