Re: Problems validating XML

At 14:18 07/06/25, olivier Thereaux wrote:
>Hi Martin,
>Thanks for looking into the regexp, and especially for spotting one  
>of my mistakes. Much appreciated.
>On Jun 23, 2007, at 13:31 , Martin Duerst wrote:
>> Strictly speaking, an XML declaration can go over more than one line.
>> It has to start with an '<' as the very first character of the file,
>> but then it can include linebreaks.
>Indeed. Also as Ville noted, there could be a BOM at the beginning too.

I'm a bit sceptical here. The BOM is part of guessing the encoding
family, but the regexp is ASCII-based, so it comes after guessing
the encoding family. At least in theory, at one point, there was
some code that would have allowed to also validate EBCDIC-based
stuff, or UTF-16 or UTF-32-based stuff, and the regexp we are working
on here should come at least after we made a general attempt at
transcoding the start of the document into the relevant encoding

>> - There can be space around the equal sign.
>I see in your resulting regexp that you are using
>[\x20|\x9|\xD|\xA]+ = [\x20|\x9|\xD|\xA]+
>whereas I suspect it should be
>[\x20|\x9|\xD|\xA]* = [\x20|\x9|\xD|\xA]*
>since there could also be no space, right?

Yes, sorry, I think I cought some of that before sending out my
mail, but apparently not everything.

Regards,   Martin.

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