Re: [ANN] W3C Markup Validator 0.8.0, Beta 2

olivier Thereaux wrote:

> == Beta test for the W3C Markup Validator - version 0.8.0 beta 2 ==

With the check?uri= interface my torture tests all worked, including
one HTML I18N test failing with beta 1 (now okay).

> * Usability: more usable fatal error displays, removed "reset
>   form" button, rewordings, error message explanations...

Oops, please don't do this for the "direct input" forms.  It's kind
of tricky to clean a textarea with Netscape 3.x, such old browsers
assume that everybody offers "reset" buttons.  IMO it's one of the
rare cases where style="display:none" is acceptable.  IIRC you had
that in a global stylesheet for "reset" buttons (?)

As it happens I verified that issue with an XML file, but that did
not work.  Somebody proposed to add "parse mode" buttons for this
case, checking the source it's already there but commented out.

The arrangement of the buttons is rather strange (without CSS), I
see as 1st line "full", as 2nd line the "DOCTYPE" selection plus
checkbox "only if missing", and as 3rd line the "fragment" radio
button belonging to the 1st line.  

Without CSS I actually get two DOCTYPE choices, the selection for
"full", and the simple HTML vs. XHTML for "fragment".  Is that state
of the art today, accessibilty requires CSS ?  Serious question, no
offense intended.  

> * New Feature: For non-xhtml XML documents without document type,
>   the validator will not try to perform validation and will only
>   check well-formedness

Nice.  Test, yes, it accepts a sitemap.xml as well-formed XML.

Oops, a potential bug, I used "upload" for a *.kml file (some XML
stuff used by Google Earth).  My browser has no clue what *.kml
is, it won't say "text/xml" when I upload it.  The validator also
has no clue what it is, but it says:

| "This Page Is Valid (no Doctype found)"

Important warnings (one):

| Namespace Found in non-XML Document
| Namespace "" found, but document type is not XML!

WTH did it validate, did this *.kml file happen to be valid SGML ?

> If reporting a bug for this beta test, be sure to mark it as
> belonging to version 0.8.0b1


Received on Sunday, 17 June 2007 16:07:39 UTC