[VE][117] Add Subject Here

When attempting to validate a skeleton page to test our DTD that adds 
target back into XHTML 1.1, I get a very cryptic error about missing 
marked section end. Searching the 'net, the only clue I can find is that 
this has something to do with the DTD. However, I copied the DTD 
directly from a site that is using it, and then replaced it with another 
site's, so either every site that tells you how to write this custom DTD 
is wrong, or the validator is missing something.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this to validate?

Validating https://cse101.lite.msu.edu:8080/tmp/validate_test.php
Error [117]: "missing marked section end"

Carl Bussema

Received on Saturday, 9 June 2007 01:21:31 UTC