Re: Problems validating XML

Well.... I am personally convinced auto-detection is reliable.  However, 
in the event that you do not want to include the XML PI in your XML 
document (it is not required) a button would be nice too.  I am happy to 
implement auto-detection AND a button.  Button would be something like:

Parsing Mode:  o  auto-detect
                        o  SGML
                        o  XML

Any thoughts on which approach is preferable?

olivier Thereaux wrote:
> On May 31, 2007, at 10:53 , Martin Duerst wrote:
>> At 10:21 07/05/31, Shane McCarron wrote:
>>> It would be trivial to add a checkbox to the current tree that means 
>>> "use the XML parser for this".  I can provide a patch for that if 
>>> you like.
>> I didn't want to go there, because I think automatic detection,
>> where it can sensibly be done, is better in this case
> If indeed automatic detection is reliable, then I'd also prefer it 
> over adding another radio button to the UI. That said, I suppose that 
> automatic detection via the xml prolog would not work with XML 
> languages that omit said prolog, so maybe both implementations will be 
> useful in the end.

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