Re: Problems validating XML

Wow you guy's have been doing alot of work on that thing.
  Well just to let you know, It was said to my on my web site not validating , that the program tests code and such , and 1 of the people who has a email address said '' why would I want to have to down load IE 7 or some thing just to look at your web site correctly or have to download additional content '' 
  and with that being said, Ive been wondering why when I go to the web site looks so horrible with dollar signs and such all over the place , and I was told by submit tools after they looked at your web site that all of the dollar signs and such are actually bullet points my browser has no reference for , that were added from some additional content that can be down loaded and that they at submit tools have the same type of program so they can see the things I can not.
  So in conclusion , should you not then ask your self's , why would I (yes me), want to have to down load 6000 plus additional fonts , bullet points and such , just so I can see your web site correctly?
  I think that's what my grandfather used to call a hypocrite , but since I just found out I thought id let ya all know.

olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

On May 31, 2007, at 10:53 , Martin Duerst wrote:
> At 10:21 07/05/31, Shane McCarron wrote:
>> It would be trivial to add a checkbox to the current tree that 
>> means "use the XML parser for this". I can provide a patch for 
>> that if you like.
> I didn't want to go there, because I think automatic detection,
> where it can sensibly be done, is better in this case

If indeed automatic detection is reliable, then I'd also prefer it 
over adding another radio button to the UI. That said, I suppose that 
automatic detection via the xml prolog would not work with XML 
languages that omit said prolog, so maybe both implementations will 
be useful in the end.


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